2023 Workshops

There are five different workshops being presented and each workshop is being offered three times on the following schedule:

10:00am Workshop Session #1 begins
10:25 am Session #1 ends/Transition Time
10:30 amWorkshop Session #2 begins
10:55 amSession #2 ends/Transition Time
11:00 amWorkshop Session #3 begins
11:25 amSession #3 ends

Room #178 – “Streamlined robot design and the benefits of simple but fast subsystems.” 

Presented by 11260 Up-A-Creek Robotics

Room #179 – “Recruiting and training new members” 

Presented by 6200 Despicable Machine

Room #180 – “Unleashing the Power of Command Based Programming : A Guide to Incorporating FRC Techniques in FTC”

Presented by 8569 RoboKnights

Room #182 – “Iterative Design In Practice – How building two radically different robots allowed us to better understand Power Play as a challenge and how we learned to fail quickly” 

Presented by 23377 SigmaCorns

Room #183 – “Don’t’ Guess, Guesstimate! Data Analysis & Game Simulator Software to Improve Your Design Strategy”

Presented by 8569 RoboKnights

Room #186 – “Learn about the design of the Loony Claw, how it was initially tested and iterated, and how we promoted it to the whole FTC community.”

Presented by 10355 Project Peacock